We are certain that most of you have had the experience of applying a gel pack to your body with a tea towel or holding into place with your hand. Well, that’s how our story begins. We both worked in the health industry, Daniela as a Chiropractic assistant and Lily as a Remedial Massage Therapist and we quickly realised that what was needed was a wrap that would not only hold the gel pack into place but be flexible enough to conform to the body part being treated. After much research and development, Wrap-On Ice was born in 2014.

As aunties and parents we also experience children getting bumps, bruises and achey muscles. This led us to creating Wrap-On Ice Mini which is a hassle free way for parents to treat their children quickly, naturally and without the complaints.

We are proud to offer our customers an effective Hot and Cold Therapy Wrap which is easy to use, affordable and suitable for ankles, calves, quadriceps, hamstring, knees, shoulders, wrist, elbows and back.